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UK: Yes, please see The British Dyslexia Association’s information on this question.

Eire: Yes, please see The Dyslexia Association of Ireland’s information on this question.

Both the UK and the Eire governments operate their own systems for VAT relief for disabled persons who are buying disability specific items or services.  The UK’s HMRC system deducts VAT at the point of purchase on some websites including here at Lime Assistive Technology Ltd, whilst the Eire system requires individuals to claim the VAT back from the Revenue.


Further details:  

UK:  If you are a disabled person in the UK, or an organisation in the UK providing services to disabled people, you are eligible for UK Disability VAT Exemption and should state this using the form at our checkout. The same applies if you are buying on behalf of a disabled child or adult.

Eire:  VAT must be paid at the point of purchase, then claimed back using The Revenue‘s form (DD1) or in your Revenue online account.

UK & Eire:  For businesses and other private sector  organisations needing Alinea for its voice-to-text dictation, and foriegn language text-to-speech capabilities:  You must pay VAT in the usual way.

Please note:  Lime Assistive Technology Ltd will not be responsible for any false declarations of disability, and will cooperate with any HMRC UK or Revenue Eire investigations once their supplied contact details have been fully authenticated by ourselves.


No! Both the UK and Eire governments each run their own scheme to fund different types of support for people in employment so that your disability does not place you at a disadvantage compared to non-disabled colleagues. You should visit :

UKAccess to Work

EireThe Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grants (WEAG)

You will receive a 30 evaluation copy of the full Alinea Suite. We give demo versions of the full Alinea Suite so that organisations and individuals who request an evaluation copy can try all of the facilities offered and decide which version best suits your, or organisation‘s needs.

Yes. The Windows application only is available to organisations such as prisons, on request. It can work offline for six weeks, so staff could schedule a time when educational facilities are closed to open each copy of Alinea whilst your PCs are temporarily online. Please use our Contact Us form to get in touch.

This can also be offered to young offender institutions or secure mental health facilities where internet access may be severely restricted or banned.

The Alinea Online application (accessible via using the Google Chrome browser now has both the Ukrainian, and the Russian language included in it’s text-to-speech facility.

The Alinea Suite (which includes the Alinea Online product) includes the following software:

  • The Alinea application for Windows

  • The web application for text-to-speech, word prediction, and speech-to-text input

  • An Android and iOS book scanning and reading app

  • The Web2Speech Chrome browser extension

Instructions on the installation of each element of the Alinea Suite are detailed in the letter that accompanies evaluation copies and purchases.

Alinea Online suite consists of the latter two facilities, but you have an evaluation copy of the entire Suite which is sold as one product. Both the Alinea Suite and Alinea Online are available as an twelve month license for one individual user, a twelve month site license of various sizes, and a three, four and five year Access to Work license for one individua.

Alinea Windows application offers word prediction, dictionaries, is a reading environment that offers similar facilities than Kurzweil 3000, but with a much easier to use user interface. PDFs can be read aloud in high quality TTS voices, and those already installed in Windows. I am currently using my copy with CereProc‘s Jess and Jack voices. I can also have English language PDFs read aloud in French and German, a great learning tool for those studying those languages.

The word prediction part of the
Windows application offers users a responsive prediction menu which offers words both based on what characters have been entered (very useful for somebody who has cerebral palsy as I do), but also offers suggestions based on what the user may be (incorrectly) trying to spell.

Another great feature is the ability to import a text file and have unique words from it included in predictions. For example the text file of Jane Eyre from the Project Gutenburg website could be imported, so words unique to that book such as Gateshead, Lowood, Bertha, and Rochester would be predicted. The prediction menu also has a dictionary symbol next to many of the predicted words, so that a the definition can be read aloud, and the picture dictionary used, depending on the word. Clicking on a word will read that word aloud for greater accuracy and improved confidence and independence for struggling learners.

Alinea Online application is accessed by installing the the Chrome Web2Speech extension, and by going to the Alinea in the Cloud site at

From here, users can open local or cloud stored PDFs which can then be read aloud whilst each word unit (word or sentence)  is highlighted in one of six available colours. PDF documents (written in English) can be read out in one of the following languages, and can also be saved as an mp3 file.

  • Ukrainian

  • English

  • Dutch

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Turkish

  • Russian

The other aspect of Alinea in the Cloud offers remarkable support in terms of document creation. In addition to the previously mentioned word prediction, speech-to-text enables a user to use any internet connected laptop or desktop computer to create documents via dictation.

I would be very interested to know what you think of the Alinea Suite, and am more than happy to meet via Zoom or Teams to discuss any aspect of the software during your evaluation period.

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