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Alinea Suite and Alinea Online FAQs

UK: Yes, please see The British Dyslexia Association’s information on this question.

Eire: Yes, please see The Dyslexia Association of Ireland’s information on this question.

Both the UK and the Eire governments operate their own systems for VAT relief for disabled persons who are buying disability specific items or services.  The UK’s HMRC system deducts VAT at the point of purchase on some websites including here at Lime Assistive Technology Ltd, whilst the Eire system requires individuals to claim the VAT back from the Revenue.


Further details:  

UK:  If you are a disabled person in the UK, or an organisation in the UK providing services to disabled people, you are eligible for UK Disability VAT Exemption and should state this using the form at our checkout. The same applies if you are buying on behalf of a disabled child or adult.

Eire:  VAT must be paid at the point of purchase, then claimed back using The Revenue‘s form (DD1) or in your Revenue online account.

UK & Eire:  For businesses and other private sector  organisations needing Alinea for its voice-to-text dictation, and foriegn language text-to-speech capabilities:  You must pay VAT in the usual way.

Please note:  Lime Assistive Technology Ltd will not be responsible for any false declarations of disability, and will cooperate with any HMRC UK or Revenue Eire investigations once their supplied contact details have been fully authenticated by ourselves.


No! Both the UK and Eire governments each run their own scheme to fund different types of support for people in employment so that your disability does not place you at a disadvantage compared to non-disabled colleagues. You should visit :

UKAccess to Work

EireThe Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grants (WEAG)

You will receive a 30 evaluation copy of the full Alinea Suite. We give demo versions of the full Alinea Suite so that organisations and individuals who request an evaluation copy can try all of the facilities offered and decide which version best suits your, or organisation‘s needs.

Yes. The Windows application only is available to organisations such as prisons, on request. It can work offline for six weeks, so staff could schedule a time when educational facilities are closed to open each copy of Alinea whilst your PCs are temporarily online. Please use our Contact Us form to get in touch.

This can also be offered to young offender institutions or secure mental health facilities where internet access may be severely restricted or banned.

The Alinea Online application (accessible via using the Google Chrome browser now has both the Ukrainian, and the Russian language included in it’s text-to-speech facility.

Yes, text-to-speech voices that are pre-installed in Windows, or purchased from third parties can be used by the Alinea Suite Windows application for:

  • Reading PDF documents
  • Reading predicted words from the word prediction menu
  • Reading Harper-Collins dictionary entries


Text-to-speech voices that are not included with Alinea Suite are not recommended for the following Alinea Suite Windows application facility:

  • Reading highlighted text from any Windows application


When testing this using Microsoft Word, the text highlighting and words being read aloud was not synchronised when using a text-to-speech voice that was not part of Alinea Suite’s Windows application. No such issue affect Alinea Suite’s (version 1.9) PDF reading, dictionary, or word prediction applications for Window.

We now sell a range of text-to-speech voices – please see:

However, we do not sell these as a “bundled product” with Alinea Suite, and do not accept any future compatibility problems between Alinea Suite and any SAPI 5 text-to-speech voices sold on this website.

If you are a TTS voice producer for Windows and would like a mention here, please contact us!



Page created: 08 April 2022
Last updated: 29 August 2023

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