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We produce a newly designed, ground breaking water resistant keyboards with sunken keys as a modern, hygienic alternative to keyboards with detachable keyguards. Inspired by my own disability (cerebral palsy) and negative experiences of keyguards, our Springboard PC-1 represents a new era of keyboard accessibility for those who have cerebral palsyParkinson’s disease, and other disabilities affecting arm / hand coordination, or sight.

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Springboard keyguard alternative

Alinea Suite UK

A square image, described from the top, moving down: Centred text: alinea Suite Beneath that: Centred image: The Eire / Republic of Ireland flag. Beneath that: Centred image: The Alinea Smart text tools logo which start with Alinea written in lower case blue text, but with the first letter a in a dark yellow. To the right of the word Alinea are the outlines of three rounded edge squares which are speech bubbles. First is yellow, a larger red outline of a square beneath the yellow one, but further right. Moving back to the left and lower down is a smaller blue rounded square. Beneath that is the blue lower case text: smart text tools. Beneath that are the logo images for Windows, Apple, ChromeBook, and Android, all in blue. To the right of those is the yellow text "by Sensotec" End of description.

Alinea Suite Ireland

A rectangular speech bubble with the tail pointing to the bottom right. It contains the words "text-to-speech voices". To the right and beneath the word speech is a cartoon type image of the globe. End of description.

Worldwide text-to-speech voices

We are pleased to announce that from February 2022

we also sell the Alinea Learning Suite in the UK, and Eire, and our Springboard PC-1 worldwide. Offering the following facilities, we are confident that Alinea Suite and Alinea Online has a lot to offer to a lot of people! Some of the facilities offered by Alinea Suite and Alinea Online include:

We also sell the Alinea Suite and Alinea Online software via Ebay, giving our valued customers the option of paying monthly.

Alinea Suite is also sold via Amazon
Further details about our products can be found via the above links and via their Ebay descriptions.

Last updated:  18 October 2022

Page created: 03 February 2022

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