Our new keyguard alternative

Read about the Springboard PC-1 keyboard at the Loughborough University Alumni website!

Our Springboard PC-1 Keyboard is a revolutionary keyboard that eliminates the need for a separate metal or Perspex keyguard.
At the heart of it’s designed is depressed / sunken keys in a robust, water resistant washable IP65 sealed design. By having a slightly springy, but sturdy feel, our keyboard offers the accuracy of a keyguard, but in one comfortable to use USB keyboard.

Technical specifications

  • Springboard PC-1 USB Keyboard – technical specifications
  • Medical grade antimicrobial surface coating
  • Can be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes between uses, after a sneeze etc
  • Ideal for use in a class room
  • No finger or finger nail injuries caused by involuntary movements
  • No VAT payable as with a keyboard sold with a keyguard (UK only)
  • Does not look “special” or old fashioned
  • Has backlit (green) keys, very like a gaming keyboard

What is IP65? An IP65 rating means that the Springboard PC1 USB Keyboard is:

6 = Totally protected against dust ingress

5 = Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted

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