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From the top of the image. Two rows of five green rounded squares, each shaded from dark green on the left, to a paler green to the right of each rounded square. They are followed by a row of one slightly rectangular shape with the same shading and colours, a long rectangular shape then the same slightly rectangular block again so to form an impression of a keyboard. Beneath that in a large font and in capital letters is the word lime. On the next line (bottom of image) is the word technology and ltd, the abbreviation of limited. This row has smaller text. End of description.
A black rubber silicone keyboard with sunken keys which act as a keyguard helping those with cerebral palsy, other coordination difficulties, or visual impairments to have more control over which key is pressed. The keyboard has a green backlight and looks very modern, not crude as metal and Perspex keyguards look. End of description.

Read about the Springboard PC-1 keyboard at the Loughborough University Alumni website!

Our Springboard PC-1 Keyboard is a revolutionary keyboard that eliminates the need for a separate metal or Perspex keyguard.
At the heart of it’s designed is depressed / sunken keys in a robust, water resistant washable IP65 sealed design. By having a slightly springy, but sturdy feel, our keyboard offers the accuracy of a keyguard, but in one comfortable to use USB keyboard.

Technical specifications

  • Springboard PC-1 USB Keyboard – technical specifications
  • Medical grade antimicrobial surface coating
  • Can be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes between uses, after a sneeze etc
  • Ideal for use in a class room
  • No finger or finger nail injuries caused by involuntary movements
  • No VAT payable as with a keyboard sold with a keyguard (UK only)
  • Does not look “special” or old fashioned
  • Has backlit (green) keys, very like a gaming keyboard

What is IP65? An IP65 rating means that the Springboard PC1 USB Keyboard is:

6 = Totally protected against dust ingress

5 = Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted

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