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Use of the Lime Assistive Technology web site (

Your use of the Lime Assistive Technology Ltd website, (hereafter LAT website) is governed by our Terms and Conditions as listed below. Any claim of lack of knowledge or understanding of these terms and conditions is not a reason for them not to be applicable to any individual or organisation. 

This website is owned by Lime Assistive Technology, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 09197403). Our VAT registration number is: 196759341.

  • Our Terms and Conditions contains the following words which have specific meaning within the context of the purchasing process and operation of Lime Assistive Technology:
  • ·“Personal Information” means all data and/or information provided by and about User, including e-mail address (es), name, address, credit card, or other payment information, etc.;
  • ·”Company web site” means all web sites on which Company provides products and/or services.
  • ·”Company User” means all Users of the Company web site(s) and services.
  • ·”Company Products and Services” means all products and/or services provided directly by Company;
  • ·“3rd–Parties” include all advertisers, partners and affiliate vendors that are included on, or linked to, the Company web site(s).

Business to business customers:

You are registered with us as a business customers and are therefore subject to these Terms and Conditions. 

Delivery / receipt of ordered goods:

Upon delivery, any damaged packaging containing goods ordered from Lime Assistive Technology should be rejected.  If item(s) are removed from damaged packaging, any request for a refund or replacement could be denied. 

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