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From the top of the image. Two rows of five green rounded squares, each shaded from dark green on the left, to a paler green to the right of each rounded square. They are followed by a row of one slightly rectangular shape with the same shading and colours, a long rectangular shape then the same slightly rectangular block again so to form an impression of a keyboard. Beneath that in a large font and in capital letters is the word lime. On the next line (bottom of image) is the word technology and ltd, the abbreviation of limited. This row has smaller text. End of description.

Included with the Alinea Windows and smartphone applications is Alinea Online, a complete cloud based application – ideal for use from another computer whether you are away from home, if your PC or laptop breaks down, etc.


Using the same username and password used for the Windows, Android, and iOS apps, simply go to and log in!


With the advantage of being used via any internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone with the Google Chrome browser installed, Alinea Online offers support with: 

  • reading
  • writing
  • comprehension
  • studying

Rather than install voice recognition software, word prediction software, and text-to-speech software on one device, Alinea Online is a complete learning environment offering the same functionality, whatever device or operating system you are using!

See it in action…  

Page created:  02 February 2022

Last updated:  27 November 2022

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