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Alinea A complete reading and writing solution


What is Alinea? A language enrichment tool which improves the speed and accuracy of reading, comprehension and writing. It is your ideal partner that will help you advance and be successful in school and at work.

Be it through spell checking, use of speech recognition or writings abstracts, Alinea boosts every user’s confidence and independence. 

It is a platform agnostic literacy tool, that suits all levels of reading and writing ability. Useable with all document types Alinea acts as your private literacy tutor, providing native reading and writing assistance and foreign language support.

Alinea works on all devices: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, Tablets and Smartphones.


Easy. Simple. Intuitive. As it should be.


The Alinea learning suite is new to the UK and offers many useful features, including:

  • High quality text-to-speech access to PDFs and Google docs
  • Word prediction designed for those with literacy problems
  • Speech-to-text input with no need for frustrating training
  • Access to printed material via the Android and iOS apps

Alinea is available in two different products: 


Alinea Online 


The Alinea Suite 

     All facilities included in Alinea Online,  plus:


This website is undergoing reconstruction, but you can still request your evaluation copy or contact us.

Page created: 06 February 2022

Last updated: 22 September 2022

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