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We are pleased to announce that Lime Assistive Technology Ltd are the UK and Eire retailer of the remarkable Alinea Suite!


Alinea Suite includes:

Windows 10 / 11 software:

  • PDF reading and annotation – listen to books and make margin notes, arrows, etc!
  • Harper Collins English, French, German dictionaries plus a picture dictionary
  • Powerful word prediction application for dyslexic people and for those who have physical difficulties making entering text a slow process
  • Text-to-speech reading of your documents in Microsoft Word – ideal for proofreading 
iOS / Android app:
  • Photograph pages of books and listen to them being read aloud – no need for a “reading pen”!
Alinea Online:
A cloud application offering the same as the Alinea Suite software for Windows, plus speech-to-text document creation – all from a cloud application accessed by using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to login to your Alinea Online account.
Please note that we do not recommend the Alinea Online word prediction utility for people who need word prediction due to physical impairments as it requires accurate use of the mouse pointer whilst using the keyboard. The speech-to-text document creation is a great alternative, although we do strongly recommend that if you have a speech impairment, you use an evaluation license for the full 30 days if you want to purchase for the purchase for the ability to dictate documents. 
The Alinea Suite word prediction application for Windows  is fully accessible to keyboard users, and has been updated to allow word selection via the 1 to 9 keys, and actual number entry via the numerical keypad. It can also be used in conjunction with the Windows 11 onscreen keyboard. It’s prediction menu can also be used to look up words in the Alinea Suite dictionary application – a first for word prediction software!


Working or studying in different locations, or even going on holiday? Access printed material from any online device with the Chrome browser installed!

if you have any questions, please contact us!


Page created: 30 September 2022 

Last updated: 01 February 2023


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